Private Rentals, Birthday Parties, & Field Trips

Adventure Playground Front Gate

The Playground is the perfect spot for your rental needs. We offer a variety of options for private rentals, birthday parties, and field trips all at a very affordable price. You can enjoy a special adventure play time for a small group during public hours or reserve the entire facility for you and your friends.

Kids will have a blast, and you don’t have to worry about a mess!

Fillable Reservation Form
Rental Reservation Form (Word)
Rental Reservation Form (PDF)


  • Current COVID policies and procedures are currently listed on the Welcome Page.
  • For any private rentals adults are limited to 10 within the Playground, and encouraged to stay in the parent area (both for COVID safety and limit adult interference with play).  Masks rules are the same for these adults as they are for the youth (private rentals only!).
  • Rentals during public hours are currently not being allowed as adults cannot intermix with other children during this time.
  • We have brought back the $75 Birthday Rental.  However, adults are not allowed past the Rental Area (front Parent Area).

Private Rentals

2 Hour Public Programming Day Rentals:

Rental Fee:

  • The 2 hour private rental is $200 on days prior to normal public hours.
  • A $50 deposit is required to hold the reservation.
  • The full payment amount due 30 days out.
  • Your deposits will count toward payment.
  • There is a $50 fee per extra party hour added.


  • 2 staff to assist with the rental.

More information:

  • The rental must conclude 15 minutes prior to public or other programs opening.
  • Homeschool Enrichment are in session most Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 12 – 2 pm during the school year.
3 Hour Non-public Programming Day Rentals:

Rental Fee:

  • The 3 hour private rental is $350 on days with no public programming.
  • A $50 deposit required to hold the reservation.
  • The full payment amount due 30 days out.
  • Your deposits will count toward payment.
  • There is a $75 fee per extra party hour added.


  • 2 staff to assist with the rental.

Please note:

  • Rentals can host up to 75 children/adults. Rentals that exceed 30 children must have a 3rd staff person. An additional staff member will cost $25 per party hour (if not already included in price).
  • Groups during regular business hours of more than 5 must call 48 hours in advance for space availability. Fees of $2 per child may be charged if extra staff is needed.
  • Variations of the above private rental options are available and will be priced accordingly.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Rental During Public Programming Hours. This is a Birthday Party basically WITHOUT adults.

Rental Fee:

  • Birthday rentals are $75 for a 2-hour rental.
  • Full payment amount is due at reservation.

Rental will include:

  • 1 6-foot table
  • 1 trash container
  • 6 chairs
  • 1 canopy

Food & Drink Policy:

We ask that you please respect the other children attending the Playgrounds regular programming by bringing limited food and drink. The food must be limited to a cake and single drink and cannot go beyond the designated party canopy. If you would like to bring more food than what is allowed we ask that you bring enough for all the children at the playground. Please discuss this option with staff if desired.

More information:

  • Time slot for birthday rentals begin 30 minutes after opening and end 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • Limit of 20 children.
  • Adults are limited to 6, and must remain in the Adult Section.

Please note:

  • The Sacramento Adventure playground will not provide anything other than what is listed as above, including staff assistance and table coverings.
  • Adult are required to monitor party area.

Field Trips & Homeschool Groups

2-hour private rental:

Please refer to our 2-hour private rental option on page 1.

3-hour Bottle Rocket Program:

This program goes over the basic rocket building concepts on a 2-liter soda bottle. The rockets will be launched using water and compressed air. These rockets can obtain heights of 100’. There will be 2 hours dedicated to the rocket program, and 1 hour of free play. Picnic tables are available for lunch afterwards. Schools must supply supervision throughout the program (no SAP for lunch area).

  • Max number of students: 32
  • Fee: $350
3-hour Creative Writing and Set Build Program:

Students will spend 60 minutes developing a story, then 30 minutes developing a scene from that story using items from the Playground. There will be a 30-90 minute play/lunch time at the end.

  • Fee: $350.
  • Max number of students:  32.

Please note:

On most Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays a Homeschool program is in operation from 12 – 2 pm. Call or check website for possible homeschool conflict days. Public programming starts at 2:15 Wednesdays, 1:30 Thursdays, and 2:15 Fridays. Closed Mondays. Tuesdays are possible but may be unavailable on certain weeks, please call to check availability.

Additional Information


Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit at Sacramento Adventure Playground during play hours, by appointment, or mailed. All payments are due upon rental agreement.


Payable to: Fairytale Town

Mail to:  

Steve Caudle, SAP Play Manager
Fairytale Town
3901 Land Park Drive
Sacramento, CA. 95822


All normal Playground activities will be available to private rentals. Staffing and any specialized craft stations are detailed in the event pricing.

Set-Up / Take Down:

Renter are allowed into the Playground 15 minutes prior to their rental for any personalized set ups (all set-ups must be approved). Renters can stay 15 minutes after conclusion of their rental for breakdown of their set-up. Guests are not allowed in during set-up or breakdown. Renters are responsible for cleaning up generated trash.

Tables and Chairs:

Tables and chairs numbers can fluctuate at the Playground. You must supply your own tablecloths.

Outside Food / Drink:

Outside food and drink are allowed during private rentals. No alcohol at any time. Attendance for private rentals, including adults, is not to exceed 75 without prior approval. Drinking fountains are available.  No caterers without approval.  One electrical cord can be provided for private rentals.


Restrooms are available on site.

Program Registration / Waiver:

All youth must have a standard Adventure Playground waiver. Youth 6 & Under, or one-time guests may have parents sign a simple waiver form. Participants already registered only need to check in. Any youth attending without a parent must come with a filled-out registration form. Forms can be downloaded on the website. An attending adult is required to be present for all youth 6 and Under.

Please note:

The Playground is designed for ages 6-15. Younger children may not recognize certain hazards within the Playground (i.e. hot glue gun, saws, tree climbing, etc.).  An adult is always required to be within hands reach for younger children.


All payments made shall be returned in the case of inclement weather. Sacramento Adventure Playground reserves the right to determine “inclement” weather.  Heat, overcast, or humidity are not considered inclement weather.

1 months or more before reservation:

      • Private rentals or homeschool group/field trips:  $50 is forfeited
      • Public hours’ birthday rental: $25 is forfeited

2 Weeks to 1 month before reservation:

      • Private rentals or homeschool group/field trips:  $75 is forfeited
      • Public hours’ birthday rental: $25 is forfeited

Less than 2 Weeks before reservation:

      • Private rentals: 50% of rental fee is forfeited. PLUS any staff incurred costs (minimum staffing charges will be assessed if cancelled with 48 hour)
      • Public hours’ birthday rental: $50 is forfeited

School Field Trip cancellations to be detailed upon reservation.

Please Note:

Rentals may be rescheduled. Our staff will attempt to mitigate any costs, but cancellation fees may still apply.


  • All normal rules and procedures of the Playground will be in effect during private rentals, birthday parties, or field trips.
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Wear play clothes! Bringing clean clothes to wear home is recommended.
  • Bring personal water and snacks. Tap water is available.
  • Sunscreen is recommended.
  • Waivers from parents are required from ALL children.

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