Pop-Up Adventure Play Days

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Mobile Pop-Up Program

Friday, Nov. 11, 10am-2pm at the Sacramento Children’s Museum, 2701 Prospect Drive, Rancho Cordova.  This program is free just outside of the facility.  Entrance into the Museum is $5.

The Sacramento Adventure Playground Mobile Pop-Up brings the fun of adventure playgrounds right to the steps of your neighborhood. These Mobile Pop-Ups offer scaled down versions of the Sacramento Adventure Playground activities that are fun for children of all ages!

This program is expected to return in 2022.  As we secure events they will be listed below.

Please Note: Some program rules and use are determined by the listing agency. Parents are encouraged to be present and always required for youth 5 and under.

Private Rentals

A Mobile Pop-Up is a great way to bring the fun of adventure play right to your neighborhood. There is flexibility in our program, but generally we have 4 distinct areas of set-up:  Loose Parts, Hammer & Saw, Arts & Crafts, and Open Area. Below is a description of each area. Private rentals are offered 3 staff members to help run the program. Please contact Sacramento Adventure Playground if you are interested in a private rental of the Mobile Pop-up.

Private Rental Base Fee: $600 for 3 hours.

General Requirements

Each site can have their own unique characteristics, but here are some considerations.

  • Safety: Safe areas to play, specifically in respect to cars.
  • Outdoor Play: Play works better in the shade and on grass.
  • Attendance: We have comfortably serviced up to 75 children at one time.
  • Area Access: It is best if we can pull our trailer directly to the play area to unload. Additional charges may apply if we must transport materials too far.
  • Water Access: Water is a key component of what we do and is the main draw for the kids. We need access to about 50-100 gallons (dependent upon attendance and temperature). For an additional fee we will import 50 gallons if no water is available.
  • Space Requirement: We need at least a 25’x60’ space to work with. The more space we have the more we can do. Items like the water blasters, wreck center, whip saw, or bottle rockets do take more room (see below).

Areas Offered at Mobile Pop-Ups

Loose Parts Area:

Box Fort Play
A fan favorite this play area utilizes large boxes (approximately 5’ tall) for fort play. Requirements: Shady grassy area.

Big Blue Blocks
A fan favorite this play area has large blocks that can be utilized any way the creative minds desire. Requirements: Shady grass area.

Loose Parts
This play area has a collection of various “loose parts”, toys and other items that can be utilized as imagination sees. This starts at the “Loose Parts” canopy, but often expands outwards. Requirements: Shady grassy area works best (kids may not stay if entirely on a hot hard surface. Some items do work best on concrete (i.e. scooters)).

Magnetic Wall
This play area utilizes 4” pipes that can be magnetically attached to a metal wall creating rolling courses for wooden balls. The wall is approximately 6’ long by 4’ high.  Requirements: This activity usually sits under the Loose Parts canopy.

Hammer & Saw Area:

Nail, Hammer and Saw Station
Youth will be able to hammer nails into a board, saw wood, use a chargeable driver drill, or screw in a screw. Typically, there will be 2 hammers, 2 saws, 2 chargeable drivers, and 2 hand drills are available.

Wreck Center
Using a hammer youth will be able to pound away on some type of metal structure (typically a dryer or file cabinet). Requirements: An area with 10’ clearance all around. This will be placed near the Nail, Saw & Drill Station.

Whip Saw
Partners are able to cut a log using an old fashioned 2-Man Whip Saw. Requirements: Direct Staff/Intern supervision/assistance required.

Arts & Crafts Area:

Water Table
Another fan favorite, this play area has a 2’x5’ water table where kids can do simple water pour activities. Requirements:  Area that can get a little wet and can easily refill water.

Mud Sculpture
Youth will be able to make mud sculptures that they can take home. Requirements: Area that can absorb any mud droppings (usually not much) and fill water for 5-gallon bucket.

Bubble Table
This play area offers various bubble making activities. Requirements: Area that can absorb any spilled bubble juice.

Graffiti Wall
There will be a rolling wall, approximately 5’x5’ with expandable corners.  Additionally, 2 forts will be set-up in arts and crafts canopy. Using school paints youth will be able to paint onto the walls or forts. Requirements:  Additional shade area recommended. Ground must be able to absorb spelt paint (will stain concrete). Area must be able to fill 5-gallon water bucket for clean-up. Highly beneficial if there is an area where we can hose down and scrub the board at the end.

Clay Play
Small station where children can play with clay. The children can take home a small completed sculpture.

A craft activity will be available. Type of activity varies. Requirements:  Housed under the Arts & Crafts Canopy.

Open Area:

Water Blasters
Kids can play with water blasters in this area. They are able to fill up their blasters from 2 five-gallon buckets.  This activity is dependent upon the weather, but often the most popular. Requirements:  Open area where you are able to refill water.  During cold weather Water Blasters may be restricted to an arcade type of game.

Sidewalk Chalk
Always fun to play with chalk! Requirements:  Concreate/asphalt surface. Chalk graffiti will remain until next rain.

Bottle Rockets
A BIG favorite this play area lets youth send partial water filled bottles up to 100’ in the air by using compressed air from a bicycle pump. Requirements: Large open area (with wind considerations). Water is immediately emptied so only the plastic bottle comes down. 2 five-gallon water buckets with access to refill them with water. Staff/volunteer assistance required (typically only available if there is a volunteer or SAP intern.)

Kids get to dig into the earth. Having water access brings in more fun! Requirements: Area conducive to digging, including ground softness (watering beforehand can loosen up the dirt). SAP will fill in holes. Grass area will most likely have the grass die.  This activity requires advance notice and agreement.

Activities and Acceptance of Program in its Entirety
Activities can change and adjustments be made.  However, in order to not devalue the program, no stated activity can be withheld by the recipient without prior written agreement.


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Steve Caudle, Play Manager
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