Please submit an application to:  Steve Caudle scaudle@fairytaletown.org

Sac State Students. Accepting applications for paid internships through the CareerCONNECTED Federal Work Study Program (CCFWS). Interns can earn up to $2,250 a semester. If you are a Sac State student and unaware of this program, ask us or contact Sac State’s Student Career Center.

Play Leader ($17.00 per hour). Play Leaders ‘facilitate play’ by interaction and monitoring of children in our unique environment. There are currently no openings, but applications encouraged. Summer employment applications are encouraged to apply now.

Play Instructor ($18.00 per hour). Currently only accepting applications via the above Sac State CCFWS program (must be able to Develop and Instruct a Homeschool Enrichment class). There will be two-three positions available for summer employment.

Job Application (fillable)

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The Sacramento Adventure Playground is a great opportunity for Summer Employment.  In addition to our regular “Play” program we offer Summer Camps and a Mobile Play Program.  On most weekdays, programming can occur 7:45am-6:30pm, and Saturdays are the usual event time of 11am-4pm.

While adventure playgrounds are common in other countries, they are rare and poorly misunderstood in the United States.  This is a tremendous opportunity to learn about the many educational and social advantages of our ‘Junkyard” atmosphere.  If you’re in childhood education, or just like children, this program is a must. 

Play Leaders – For the Camps, a Play Leader will lead a group of about 12-16 children ages 6-12 rotating through our programming of Enrichments (twice), Physical Group Play, Art and Free Play.  An Instructor will lead the Enrichments and Physical Play activities.  Art and Free Play time are supervised by the Play Leader.  For the open to the public free play time and the mobile program staff are to monitor children playing in our beloved junkyard atmosphere. 

Play Instructors – Working with full-time staff, Instructors will develop and lead enrichment and/or physical play activities.  Instructors may also be responsible as a Site Lead for any Before or After Care, as well as other programming needs. 


Availability is a highly desired quality with these positions (we do encourage employees sharing dates of planned time off).  Camps are June 12-August 18. Any known time off request is to be discussed in advance of hiring.


Camps.  Spring Camp is 11am-2pm.  All Summer Camps are 9am-12pm.  Before and After Care is available, making staff shifts needed 7:30am-6:30pm, plus possible Saturday hours for traditional ‘Play’ program.

Mobile Play Program.  Generally, 3 event hours within a park, library, etc.  Work hours approximately 3-6 hours.

Free Public Play Program is offered Tuesday-Friday, 2:15-6:30pm, and Saturdays 11am-4pm (closed July 2-4).