Dirty Kid Obstacle Race

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Saturday, October 14, 2023

2023 Updates coming soon.

8:30 AM – 1 PM (approximate, wave times assigned during this time period)
Maple Neighborhood Center, 3301 37th Ave.  Sacramento, CA 95824
Racers must be at least 4 years old to race

Course and Race Information 2022

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Assigned Corrals (as of 10-13-22)

Results 2022 – Live Updates about every 15 minutes.

NEW FOR 2022:

Adults can race too!
Automatic Timing!
Families and Friends can register to race within the same wave hour!

Fitness should be fun!  Join us in our 4th annual Dirty Kid Obstacle Race. Youth participants of all ages 4 & Up will race in a small endurance course with obstacles, including MUD!

Obstacles can vary. There will be over, under, carry, crawl and of course mud. Obstacles will not have a high degree of difficulty. Runners will run in “waves” of up to 10 persons. The course will be within and behind the Adventure Playground.

This event is a fundraiser for the Adventure Playground.  100% of the funds goes towards sponsoring the Adventure Playground.

Please scroll down for race details.

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Thomas Gilbert
Linda Alger
Tara Kerle


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Race Details


Short Course, Ages 4-15:
Obstacles are well within the challenges of most youth and their age category.  There will be elements of crawling, jumping, balance, scaling, endurance, uneven surfaces and MUD.  Some will be relatively easy, others a bit more challenging.  Obstacles are standard within the industry, but do carry an element of risk.  Racers may skip any obstacle.  Note that if a participant skips an obstacle or receives assistance they will be disqualified from awards (they may finish).

Ages 4-5 will race approximately .25 mile and ages 6-15 about .5 mile.

Long Course, Ages 10yrs-Adult:
Ran at different intervals, the majority of the course will be over the same youth obstacles. The course will be extended with a few added obstacles. The added obstacles will also not be too difficult. Youth ages 10-15 will run in their own wave. 16yrs – adult will run in their own wave (competitive runners are to enter this division).

Family Wave, Ages 10yrs-Adult:

Family waves will race separately. Family Wave is non-competitive and must include a youth age 10-15 and an adult chaperone racer. Working as a group and assisting each other is allowed in the non-competitive Family Wave.

Age Group:Course Distance:Number of Obstacles:
4-5 yrs.25 Mile8-12 (mud wade, no mud crawl)
6-15 yrs.5 Mile15-20
16yr-Adult/10-15yrs/Family 10+yrs1 Mile15-20

In the tradition of obstacle racing, exact course details will be released about one week prior to the race. 

WAVES (Corrals)
Runners will start in waves of 6-10 runners, 2-10 minutes apart. You will be able to select your preferred wave hour (corral) when registering. This will allow family and friends to race within the same hour.

Waves are scheduled to go out each hour (9am-1pm).


Early Registration:Age Group:Cost:
June 1 – Sept. 23 4 – 5 years$20
June 1 – Sept. 23 6 – 15 years$25
June 1 – Sept. 23 Adult/Long Course$30
Late Registration:Age Group:Cost:
Sept. 24 – Oct. 134 – 5 years$25
Sept. 24 – Oct. 136 – 15 years$30
Sept. 24 – Oct. 13Adult/Long Course$35
Race Day & Day Prior:Age Group:Cost:
Oct. 14 – 154 – 5 years$30
Oct. 14 – 156 – 15 years$35
Oct. 14 – 15Adult/Long Course$40

Add Ons:

  • T-Shirt ($13) 2022 will be a Sport Tech Style Shirt (synthetic). Shirt and sizes available until supplies run out.
  • Training Program (see below)


Register in person or on-line.

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Pay In-Person/Mail (no added fees)Registration Form PDF


Endurance, strength, and agility are key factors in obstacle racing, but proper knowledge and technique are the keys.  In the Saturday Training Program, we’ll teach the basics and some advanced stuff.  

The Sept. 17 youth and adult training will overlap from 2-2:30pm. We will have a detailed discussion during this time regarding what to expect and what to wear. Parents are highly encouraged to tune into this segment.

Sign up at the Adventure Playground for training camps. Our apologies, there is no online payment option for training camp.


Date:Time:Age Group:Cost:
Sept. 17, 24
Oct. 1, 18
1PM – 2PM6-15 yrs$25
Sept. 1711:30AM – 1:30PM16+ yrs$20
Sept. 24
Oct. 1, 8
2:15PM – 3:15PM6-15 yrs$20
Oct. 89AM – 10AM4-15 yrs$15
Oct. 810:15AM – 11:15AM6-15 yrs$15

This event is a fundraiser.  All proceeds support the operation of the Sacramento Adventure Playground.  As such there are no refunds.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! You will be smiling. Event is a blast to watch the kids do the course. Please contact Steve Caudle.

Volunteer Information (2022 coming soon)

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