5 & Under

NEW FEATURE! 5 & Under Area.

The 5 & Under area is restricted to the front area and must be accompanied and within reach of an attending adult. Adults are still limited to quick observations only in the larger 6-15 Areas for those bringing older siblings. The new area will include access inside to the Critters and the Store. Join us as we grow this feature. This is ideal spot when a younger sibling wants to go to the same place as older brother/sister.

During Standard Hours (Nov-Feb) we will have a campfire on Wed-Th-Fri nights at about dusk. 5 & Under may do this event also, and thanks to our many donors we generally have S’Mores. Please do allow the older children to go first – once they eat their S’Morse they generally go play leaving plenty of room.

This feature replaces what was Community Days.