Powered by Fairytale Town and located at Maple Neighborhood Center, the Sacramento Adventure Playground is a free after-school youth development program for ages 6 to 15.

The Adventure Playground is open for after-school play! Check our hours of operation. Participation is free, but youth must be registered by a parent to participate.

Help support the Sacramento Adventure Playground! Donations for the Playground can be made through Fairytale Town’s website.

What’s Happening – We’re Open!

Community Day for children 5 & Under for June 12 will be 10am-12pm.   Community Day page for more information

Reservations are now only required when there is 5 or more children (a normal procedure).  Unless noted, adults, other than staff and cleared volunteers, are not allowed within except for a few minutes of observation.  Masks are required by all and will be until all children are allowed to be mask free. 

MASK POLICY AS OF JAN. 1, 2022 (changing March 12).


  • For vaccinated youth, masks are optional outdoors.
  • For unvaccinated youth, masks are required outdoors. It is the responsibility of the child to wear the mask. Staff will not monitor it.

Certain events may require masks outside.


  • Masks are required indoors.

Youth must bring mask and keep it on their person at all times.


  • In front parent area, masks are optional for vaccinated individuals.
  • Any entry beyond the entrance (Blue Shed) requires a mask for all parents, indoors or outdoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Effective March 12, 12pm (after Community Day)
Masks are no longer required for vaccinated individuals, inside or outside.  It is the responsibility of the child and parent to enforce masking rules for those unvaccinated.

Parents:  In keeping with the theme of adventure playgrounds and COVID precautions parents are only allowed within the facility for a few minutes of observation.  We ask that parents avoid inside (a quick cockroach pet is okay).  The front parent area is open.

These guidelines may change depending upon public health guidelines. 

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